What company attributes are accessible from Reveal to the standard Google Analytics integration?

To see more information about these attributes, see our Attributes page.

For GTM and the dataLayer, please see available dataLayer variables here.

Reveal to Standard Google Analytics Plan:

 Attribute  Google Analytics Mapping Key  Recommended
 Clearbit - Traffic Type  type  Yes
 Clearbit - Company Name


 Clearbit - Company Domain


 Clearbit - Company Type  companyType  Yes
 Clearbit - Sector


 Clearbit - Industry Group


 Clearbit - Industry


 Clearbit - Sub Industry  companySubIndustry  Yes
 Clearbit - SIC Code


 Clearbit - NAICS Code


 Clearbit - HQ Country  companyCountry  Yes
 Clearbit - HQ State


 Clearbit - HQ City  companyCity  Yes
 Clearbit - Funding


 Clearbit - Estimated Annual Revenue  companyEstimatedAnnualRevenue  Yes
 Clearbit - Employee Range  companyEmployeesRange  Yes 
 Clearbit - Employees


 Clearbit - Alexa Rank  companyAlexaRank  Optional

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