Adding a Google Analytics Tracker Name via Google Tag Manager

Tracker names are used when there are more than a single Google Analytics property deployed to a page so that Clearbit can understand where you would like to send the revealed company data. Depending on your site configuration, your team may want to send data to a single property, multiple selected properties, or all properties that appear on a page.

1. In GTM, select the GA tag you would like to add a tracker name to.

2. Select the pencil icon in the top right of the tag to edit.

3. Select "Enable overriding settings in this tag". A "More Settings" drop down option should appear. Select "Advanced Configuration".

4. Select the "Set Tracker Name" field and then select True to then add a tracker name to the now visible field.

5. Enter a name that will not be used elsewhere in your GA/GTM configurations (are completely unique - suggested best practice would be to append the date to the selected front portion of the name) and which does not include a dash or underscore. This should not use the Google Analytics property id (ie "UA-XXXXXXX")