Clearbit for AppExchange v 11.93 Release Notes


Control over field mapping

Our new field mapping tool makes mapping any Clearbit attribute to standard or custom fields on Accounts, Leads, or Contacts easy. You no longer have to depend on complex Process Builder workflows to have control over data mapping.

Head to your Clearbit Settings to get started. Learn more in our Field Mapping Guide

Daily job change data

We're now doing daily updates for our inactiveAt field (a timestamp for when a Lead or Contact has left a position) so you know to source a new Contact for an Account or follow your champion onto their next adventure.

If you haven't yet mapped over the inactiveAt field to your Salesforce lead records, use our field mapping tool. You can also set up Job Change Alerts for your team.

Introducing Clearbit's usage analytics

With our new Analytics dashboard, pull insights on the overall usage and health of your database based on Enrichment and Reveal statistics. Pre-built reports surface the stale Leads and Contacts that are blocking your team and show you a live view of the target Accounts that are browsing your site.



Prospect using first-party Salesforce data

We added a Salesforce Data filter so you can prospect within your business’s unique context. Build a list of companies and narrow your search by the Accounts or Opportunities that you own.


Search by name or title
Use the name or title search box for a more detailed person search. We’ll return exact matches, so you can search for that last name for Ann from Acme Company or everyone with “SVP Engineering” in their job title.



Saved Searches

You can now save your search criteria to reuse for future searches. (To reset, click reset and then click save.) Saved searches are unique per user.

Clearbit Widget on Accounts/Contacts/Leads

Keep up with the latest company news

The News tab in the Clearbit Account widget lets you know all the latest company happenings before your important call.


Check the Clearbit Status Widget

Know that the data you’re using is reliable with the Clearbit Status Widget, which sits on the Lead and Contact layout. It tells you exactly when the record was last refreshed and whether the email address is working or inactive.


To set up the Clearbit Status Widget, open up a Lead or Contact. Click on Edit Layout. Find Visualforce Pages and drag the Clearbit Status Widget.

Bug Fixes and Improvements


  • Fixed Prospector’s sort filter when you search for companies by domains
  • Fix Company Industry Group label for source in Field Mapping
  • Regulate the amount of AsyncApex jobs used for Enrichment
  • Resolved issues with Clearbit scheduled jobs


  • Stability improvements have been made for Prospector
  • Updated our Tech Tags
  • Export to CSV in Lightning no longer gives an error for users with certain browser settings.
  • Improved deduping logic in Company/Person lists
  • You can now add Lead Source to Contacts created in Prospector and the Clearbit widget
  • Overhaul Backfill page to allow independent object backfills
  • Ability to enrich tracked fields (fields that have values previously written by Clearbit)
  • New Clearbit reports included in the package