Hull Setup Guide

Setup Clearbit Enrichment, Prospector & Reveal with Hull 

By The Hull Team
Hull’s Clearbit integration enables you to use Clearbit data in all your other tools through Hull’s Customer Data Platform:
  • Append data to people and companies with Enrich
  • Find new leads with Prospector
  • Find similar companies with Discovery
  • Lookup companies by IP address with Reveal
SaaS team’s use Hull with Clearbit for:

Getting Started

To install the Clearbit connector, you must have access to your Clearbit account.
  1. Login to your Hull Organization and navigate to Connectors menu in the top navigation
  2. Choose Add a Connector
  3. Click on Clearbit
  4. Confirm by clicking Install
  5. Within the Connector, click on Settings.
  6. Copy and paste the secret API key from your Clearbit Dashboard into Clearbit API key field in the Clearbit Connector settings.
You can now configure data to send to Clearbit from Hull. 
Configure your Clearbit Connector Settings
In the Clearbit Connector Dashboard, click the Settings tab. Here you can set the rules to define what is sent to Clearbit.
There are four sections.
  1. Enrich: Whitelist Users to send to Clearbit Enrichment with User Segments
  2. Reveal: Whitelist Users to send to Clearbit Reveal with User Segments, and filter the trigger for Prospector
  3. Discovery: Whitelist Users to send to Clearbit Discovery with User Segments, map the identifier & filter the number of prospected companies to return
  4. Prospector: Whitelist Users to send to Clearbit Prospector with User Segments, filter for the number of leads and target job titles, roles & seniority.