Legacy: Integrate Clearbit with Drift

Last Updated: September 25, 2023

ūüĒć Please note: This article is for customers on Standard Bundle, Reveal, or Clearbit Platform plans.

If you are a Drift customer, you can integrate with Clearbit to use our Enrichment and Reveal API functionality within Drift's platform. This article shows how to set up this integration.

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How to Set Up Clearbit with Drift

  1. In Drift, click on Settings.
  2. Go to App Settings, then Apps.
  3. Find and click on Clearbit.
  4. Click on Clearbit Reveal and enter your Secret API key.

Live View

Live View displays the company name, current page, location, and number of open tabs of your site visitors. Drift Intel populates these fields with available information when possible and includes company details as well.  

Find the Live View section on the lefthand navigation bar. Learn more about Live View here!

Conversation View

The Conversation View is, of course, where you chat with your site visitors. The integration affects this view in a similar way as the Live View. Drift Intel populates these fields using the IP address without requiring an email. 

You can find the Conversation View on the lefthand navigation bar.

We wanted the conversation to keep most of the real estate, so the righthand sidebar includes two tabs with more details on the Person and the Company. 

Person Company

Playbook Targeting

Drift Intel provides Bot and Pop Over playbooks with a full list of firmographic targeting conditions. 

Drift Intel is available to Company and Enterprise plans.  
  1. When you create a Chat Playbook, find the Display Conditions section under Targeting. 
  2. Click on Display with Targeting and Add a Condition. 
  3. The Clearbit options are under Firmographics.

Here it is all at once! 


We know the power of sending personalized greetings to targeted accounts directly from the owner. 

Drift Intel allows you to further customize these playbooks by expanding your available targeting conditions with Clearbit firmographics. 

  1. Upload a CSV of your accounts or Sync them from Salesforce in the Accounts section.
  2. Go to the Playbooks section and create a Chat Playbook.
  3. In the playbook selector, the ABM Welcome Message is under Pop Over Playbooks.
  4. Within the editor, under Targeting, select Display - 1 Conditions and then Add a Condition.
  5. Clearbit options are under Firmographics.

Here it is all at once!


When you're sending a Playbook (in-app or email), you may want to send a personalized message that mentions the contact's name, company, or more.

The "Personalization" tool in a Playbook's message editor provides a quick and convenient way to tailor your message to the user it's addressing. In the editor, edit your question, greeting, or email body and click the Personalization tag:

This will bring up a drop down of all your contact and Clearbit attributes. Once you select one, you can customize a default text to use if the information isn't available. For example, "Hey Drift!" vs. "Hey there!

ūüďĚ Please note: If you're technical and want to look into this a little bit more, here's the library¬†we use for these tags.

Here's what it looks like! 

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