Vitally is a Customer Success & Growth platform for B2B SaaS companies that provides powerful reporting and alerts across all your customer data - including product usage, subscriptions, conversations, notes, and more. From converting more trials to reducing churn, Vitally helps you measure and improve the entire customer lifecycle.


  • Convert more trials: Leverage Clearbit’s data to auto-identify new trials in your target market, and use our advanced analytics to ensure those trials experience immediate value from your product.
  • Create more successful customers: Ensure your paying customers experience recurring value from your product with our detailed product insights.
  • Automate opportunity and churn risk detection: Leverage our rules and automation to auto-detect customers in need of attention.
  • Unify your customer data: Vitally’s 360° customer profiles help you track your customers’ product usage, conversations, notes, revenue and renewal dates, and more.
  • Improve your SaaS KPIs: Vitally’s subscription analytics capabilities help ensure your SaaS KPIs stay pointed in the right direction.


How we leverage Clearbit

Our native Clearbit integration enriches your accounts in Vitally with Clearbit’s enriched company data, adding some useful capabilities to your Vitally account:


  • Trial qualification: Define your target market using our rules and Clearbit’s data, and we’ll automatically identify how qualified your new trials are.
  • Opportunity indicators: Setup automated alerts to detect new customers or trials with high value potential (e.g. fire alerts for new trials with over $1M in ARR).
  • Advanced filtering/segmentation: Segment your accounts using any of Clearbit’s enriched fields (or any other data you send Vitally).

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