Lucy by Equals 3



How much of your organization's most valuable data is actually being shared and leveraged? It resides in a multitude of systems, files and databases and is rarely available across an enterprise. The format of these data types is also highly fragmented. The key to getting to it is making sure it’s stored centrally, in a way that breaks down the silos and removes barriers to access. This is where Lucy come in. She absorbs, analyzes and delivers insights from the entirety of your enterprise knowledge.

Lucy is an AI-powered assistant built for the Fortune 1000s. Lucy transforms enterprise knowledge into an easy to access trove of crucial insights. Understanding both structured and unstructured data, she unifies and delivers data an organization owns, licenses and commissions through one simple interface.

Working with industry leading research providers like Clearbit, Lucy helps clients take full advantage of all of the valuable data they license. For clients with a Clearbit license, Lucy is already integrated with—and ready to deliver prospect and client insights from— Clearbit's extensive database of business intelligence. Take a look at how Clearbit and Lucy work together.

Mutual clients can now can leverage Clearbit’s wealth of information, along with all their other data sources, via Lucy's natural language interface. Lucy and Clearbit help clients work smarter. Together, they can do it even better.

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