Lucy Setup Guide

By the Equals 3 Team (Creators of Lucy)

Lucy works as an AI-powered knowledge management platform built for the Fortune 1000. Lucy transforms enterprise knowledge into an easy to access trove of crucial insights. Understanding both structured and unstructured data, she unifies and delivers data an organization owns, licenses and commissions through one simple interface.

Lucy users with a Clearbit license can ask Lucy a natural language question about a company of interest and she delivers answers from Clearbit's extensive data points of company and contact attributes. Take a look at how Clearbit and Lucy work together. 


For clients with a Clearbit license, Lucy is already integrated with—and ready to deliver prospect and client insights from—Clearbit's extensive database of business intelligence. It is as simple as letting us know you have a license. Once we receive confirmation from Clearbit, the data is instantly added and continuously updated in your Lucy.