Snowplow is an enterprise-grade data collection platform for companies who want the freedom and flexibility of owning their data pipeline, without the hassle and cost of maintaining it. Our technology is ideal for data teams who want to manage the collection and warehousing of data across all their platforms and channels, in real time.

With Snowplow, you have the flexibility of defining your own data structures so you don’t have to rely on your vendor’s one-size-fits-all approach. Our tech is architected from the ground up, with data quality in mind, so your data engineers don’t have to worry about bad or missing data.

The Snowplow-Clearbit integration enables you to greatly enrich incoming Snowplow events leveraging Clearbit’s Reveal data. The Clearbit lookup is bringing you interesting data around your website visitors such as company name, domain name and location. This provides you with a much richer understanding of who your visitors are and you can take proactive measures to reach them, depending on your business.

See our Snowplow-Clearbit integration guide here. To learn more, please reach out to