VWO Setup Guide

By The VWO Team

The Clearbit Reveal and VWO integration allows you to utilize the company attributes to deliver a personalized content to any user coming from a certain company’s IP address.

Steps to integrate


Using Clearbit Company Attributes for targeting

1. Create an A/B test campaign and under the targeting options, define the very first condition as JS variable and put the below code in the text field

(function () {if(!window.ClearBitAdded){window.ClearBitAdded=true;var script=document.createElement('script');script.src="https://reveal.clearbit.com/v1/companies/reveal?authorization=paste_your_clearbit_key_here&variable=vwo_organization";script.onerror = function() {console.log('VWO: Error Ocuured while fetching the clearbit data');};document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(script);  return true ; }})();

Paste the Clearbit Publishable API key (starting in 'pk_')  at the place where it says “paste_your_clearbit_key_here” in the above code.


2. Now, select the AND operator and define the rest of segmentation with the actual attributes you would like to target based upon. For example, to target all the companies that are based out of India, segmentation will be:

All of the company’s attributes can be targeted in the following format:

vwo_organization.<clearbit variable name>= value

For example, to target any company in the Information Technology space then the variable will be defined as:

vwo_organization.company.category.sector= Information Technology

Please refer to the table below for the entire list of variables available for targeting.


List of certain attributes available for targeting




stringName of company


stringDomain of company’s website


arrayList of market categories (see a complete list)


integerAlexa’s global site rank


integerAmount of employees


stringEmployees range (see a complete list)


integerAnnual Revenue (public companies only)


stringEstimated annual revenue range (see a complete list)


stringSRC of company logo


arrayArray of technology tags


For the complete list of attributes, please refer to this link.