Outgrow enables marketers to create personalized content like highly converting calculators, viral quizzes, recommendations, forms, surveys, chatbots, polls, and assessments that add real value to the customer, enable new levels of customer engagement and generate useful data that you can use to qualify and segment leads.

The Outgrow-Clearbit integration can be turned on with a single-click in the builder and allows users to do the following: 

- Enrich the lead collected from your Outgrow content by using Clearbit. For example, you could just ask for the user’s email in your chatbot experience, but then later use the Clearbit integration to automatically supplement all the information into a full company profile. 

- Send personalised emails to your Outgrow leads based on their industry/location/headcount or any of the other fields that are revealed via the Clearbit integration. 

- Transfer your leads to different reps based on all the data revealed via the Clearbit integration. 
You can learn more here or reach out to questions@outgrow.co.