Connect Clearbit to Zapier via Webhooks

Our Webhook Destinations is a great way to send Clearbit alerts to any place you want. Zapier makes this even easier with their 1,000+ existing tools and integrations on their platform. Some use cases would be to send Clearbit notifications to your Google Sheets, Mailchimp (or your favored marketing automation tools), or added to AdRoll (or your retargeting / ad tech tool of choice).

Head to Zapier and click "Make a Zap". 


Trigger Step 

In the first step, search for "Webhooks by Zapier" and select it. Next, choose "Catch Hook" as the trigger and click continue.


You'll now need to add the Webhook URL generated by Zapier to your Webhook Destination. From any company/person audience, click on Destinations, and add a Webhook Destination.


Paste the URL that Zapier gives you into the URL input, then save and activate the Destination.

Next, head back to Zapier and click "Ok, I did this".


Zapier will listen for incoming Clearbit data, and once the webhook fires, it will display a sample of the data received.

Action Step 

From there, you can use Zapier's interface to connect Clearbit to any of their 1000+ integrations. You can reference Zapier's help docs for more information.


Use cases

  • Adding users who have registered, but failed to activate to a campaign in your favorite Ad Tech tool, such as AdRoll or Quantcast
  • Adding new People or Companies to a campaign in your favorite marketing automation tool, such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or Marketo
  • Adding new People or Companies to a Google Sheet

What's next?

If you've already setup a destination, check out some example audiences for more ideas on how to use Clearbit!