Clearbit X: Data Privacy and Security


We take data security very seriously at Clearbit. See our complete Information Security Policy for more information.


Our privacy policy and terms of service can be found on our website. Please note that additional MSAs or agreements may be in place with your company that supercede these terms of service.


What kind of data does Clearbit X collect?

In order to allow you to create segmentation based on intent data from website activity, Clearbit collects website pageview data from any page you place clearbit.js on, as well as any custom trait that you send us via an identify event or Segment. 

Additionally, if you explicitly authorize Clearbit to do so, Clearbit X syncs with your sales/marketing database (ie Salesforce). This data is deleted upon account termination.

Does Clearbit share my data with other customers?

Clearbit does not share your identifiable data with any third parties. 

What does Clearbit do with my data?

All account specific data is available exclusively for your use in Clearbit X, and is deleted upon termination. However, we may combine that data in aggregate and anonymous form (removing any personally identifiable information or any account specific details) with other datasets and use it to train machine learning models and otherwise improve the quality of our data.