Clearbit for AppExchange v 11.97 Release Notes


Enhanced user permissions

Managing user permissions is now easier. Take care of access to Clearbit for your whole team in one place. Select which sales reps can use Clearbit Prospector or enable permission sets for new team members. Head to "Account" in Clearbit Settings to check it out.



  • Granular control over user settings: Quickly manage permission sets and product access. Filter lists and perform bulk changes.

  • Team-wide licenses: With sitewide licenses, all users in an org will receive a Clearbit license, and you can auto-provision new Salesforce Users. Keep in mind, only users who are `active` will be able to access Clearbit.

  • Enrichment and Prospector permissions: Grant or remove access to specific tools to control which users can enrich records and/or prospect new records.


You'll also see:

  • Field mapping change report at the bottom of the Field Mapping page in Clearbit Settings. The report shows what fields were changed, the values before and after the change, when the change occurred, and which user made the change.

  • UtcOffset company-level attribute to contact Accounts at the right time.

  • A new enrichment error report, available from the Analytics tab. Resolve the errors and run a backfill to enrich records.


Bug Fixes and Improvements


  • Resolved Enrichment issue with bulk uploads of leads
  • Resolved issue where Prospector created duplicate accounts


  • Nightly incremental backfill for records that have a valid email or website but were not initially enriched
  • Improved data type error messaging for field mapping
  • A confirmation is now displayed when a field mapping override is set to "Always"
  • Added support access instructions to on-boarding wizard for improved support during implementation