Managing Clearbit for Salesforce User Permissions

Clearbit Salesforce Permissions

The Clearbit app for Salesforce offers granular permissions to manage per-user access for Enrichment and Prospector. Only Salesforce users with customize application settings enabled are able to view and edit an organization's settings. Customize application settings can be enabled on profiles and permission sets.


Permissions sets

Users need the Clearbit permission set to access Enrichment and Prospector. Permission sets can be granted directly from the Clearbit settings user management table. Use the arrow next to "Permission set" to enable permissions sets for all users or the users displayed from a quick find search.


New users are automatically granted the Clearbit permission set when they are added to your organization. Admins can turn off automatically granting permission sets on the Account screen.




Enrichment permissions

Admins can turn Enrichment access off for individual users. By default, all users have Enrichment automatically enabled.

When Enrichment is disabled for a user they will not be able to trigger Enrichment on Salesforce records but they will still be able to see CB data in the widget.


Prospector permissions

Admins can turn Prospector access off for individual users. By default, all users have Prospector automatically enabled.

Admins can manage which users in an org can access Prospector and use credits to create records. This is especially helpful for restricting Prospector access to specific members of the sales team.


User management table

The user management table allows admins to manage permission sets, Enrichment, and Prospector directly from Clearbit Settings.

  • Bulk Actions
    • Use the arrow next to permission set, Enrichment, and Prospector to enable or disable access for all users currently displayed in the table
  • Quick Find
    • Search for users by name, email or groups of users by profile to