Set up the Clearbit tag (clearbit.js) with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a free tag manager solution that allows you to inject JavaScript snippets and custom code into your website, without editing the HTML.

Setting up the Clearbit tag with Google Tag Manager takes a few quick steps.

1. Create a custom Clearbit HTML Tag

Open Tag Manager and choose your Container.

If you are using the Clearbit Google Analytics integration, choose the container that contains your Analytics tag.

Create a New Tag and name it. Select the Custom HTML Tag option.


2. Copy the Clearbit tag javascript

Navigate to the Clearbit tag configuration page and select Use Google Tag Manager. Copy the code in the box.


3. Paste the code in your Custom HTML tag

Paste the code in your Custom HTML tag in Google Tag Manager.


4. Set your Allowed Referrers

Navigate back to the Clearbit tag configuration page.

Add the domains that you would like Clearbit to track to the Allowed Referrers list. This is a security measure that will ensure your public API key won't be used on any other sites.


4. Verify that your tag is working

Once the tag is live on your website, and you have saved your Allowed Referrers, Clearbit will automatically identify and track the companies visiting your site.

Visit the companies dashboard to see your live web traffic. Look for companies with recent Last Path and Last Visit At activity.


How do I track the people visiting my website? If you want to reveal and track individuals on your website (as opposed to just companies) you will need to identify your users. This can be done by implementing Identify calls on your web forms, allowing Clearbit to track users.

Not seeing data? Check our troubleshooting guide here →

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