Setting up clearbit.js with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a free tag manager that allows you to drop javascript snippets and custom javascript into your website. Setting up clearbit.js with Google Tag Manager only takes a few quick steps.

Create a custom Clearbit HTML Tag

Open Tag Manager and navigate to the Container that has your Google Analytics tag (if you're using GA). Create a New Tag and name it. Select the Custom HTML Tag option.


Next, head to the clearbit.js configuration page to copy the code snippet,


and paste it into your new tag, like the below image.


Next make sure to add any domains that you'll be loading Clearbit tags on to the Allowed Referrers list. This will make sure that your public api key won't be used on any other sites. For example, the below configuration allows us to use clearbit.js on


What's next?

If you just want to send your web traffic to Clearbit X, you're all done! Visit your Clearbit Companies Dashboard to see your live web traffic.

Clearbit X is as good as the data you provide it. You have a few options:

Once you have done those steps, then you can move onto building your Clearbit X segment.


If you are not sure if clearbit.js is properly sending data through Google Tag Manager, please refer to these development resources.