What are Destination Triggers?

In order to determine which records are sent to your Destination, the next step is to setup a trigger. While Destinations require that a person or company matches the audience criteria, triggers allow you to add a bit more specificity around when the Destination will run.

Note: Not all Destinations support every trigger type.

Trigger Types

On page view - The Destination is triggered on every page view if a person/company matches an audience. This is ideal for real-time intent driven audiences, and is often combined with suppression settings to prevent a flood of notifications.

Audience Sync - The Destination is updated to stay in sync with an audience. This is primarily used on Destinations like Facebook Custom Audiences where a person is added to the audience when they enter the audience and is removed when they exit the audience.

What's next?


If you haven't configured your Destinations yet, learn to set these up here:

Then, for each Destination, create at least one Destination Trigger.