Segments for Marketers

This guide aims to provide some examples for how you might get started using Clearbit X as a marketer. To learn more about Clearbit X, start at the beginning of the tutorial.

Creating segments in Clearbit X helps marketers get and automate off a combination of 1st and 3rd party data, perfect for more relevant, better-targeted lead generation, nurture campaigns, onboarding, lifecycle communication, and upsells.

For instance, if users have registered but haven’t activated, then you can create targeted Facebook ads to bring them back to your site. Another example would be identifying power users for case studies or for a positive review or NPS survey.

Here are two examples, as well as how to set them up, to help get you started.

People who have registered but have not activated
Sometimes users register, but fail to onboard properly or achieve activation. You can use Clearbit X to create a segment for these users. When a user or company meets these conditions, you'll be notified so you can reach out to help them get to the next step.
People on a free tier and have a 30-day low product usage.
In this scenario, the low product usage would be a custom trait that you would send via Clearbit.js or Segment webhooks.
Here is what that segment would look like in Clearbit’s UI:
In order to get these users back onto the site, you can enable Facebook Custom Audiences as a destination, and then show them display ads with a call to action to go to the website or to register for a webinar.
Engaged users for case studies, NPS feedback, or review
The best case studies come from users who absolutely love your product. Clearbit X segments can identify power users so you can reach out to them when they’re most receptive.
People at a company with greater than 10 employees and have high product usage.
In this scenario, the high product usage would be a custom trait that you send with Clearbit.js or Segment webhooks. Given that this is custom, you have infinite flexibility in defining “product usage”. For example, if your product is an API, then one way to measure product usage is by API calls per month.
Here is the above segment defined in Clearbit’s UI:
The trigger could be a webhook to Zapier to add them to an email campaign with your favorite email marketing or marketing automation tool.

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