Segments for Account Executives

This guide aims to provide some examples for how you might get started using Clearbit X as an Account Executive. To learn more about Clearbit X, start at the beginning of the tutorial.

Clearbit X can help account executives focus their time on the opportunities and accounts that are most likely to convert. For instance, Clearbit X can notify you when an account reaches their account usage limits, which is a great time for you to reach out for cross sell and upsell opportunities.

Finding upsell opportunities in your own accounts

Every rep should have a segment of just their own accounts:
Companies whose Salesforce Account is owned by Alex Example.
While this is simple, this isn’t the most useful. Ideally, the segment is a valuable leading indicator. For many reps, finding upsell and cross sell opportunities amongst their own accounts is huge, yet hard to uncover.
Using Clearbit X to identify upsell opportunities based on product usage data is straightforward with this segment:
Companies whose Salesforce Account is owned by Alex Example and product usage is near monthly limit.
In this example, the product is an API where the usage must be within a set amount per pricing tier and the product usage is a custom trait that is sent via clearbit.js or Segment. When the product usage exceeds some percentage threshold, then the account owner can be notified. The account owner can then proactively reach out to negotiate terms of a new contract.
Here is the above example in Clearbit’s UI:

For the most timely notification, the destination trigger should be either email or Slack. Then, you can proactively reach out.

Sales territories

Many sales teams use territories to determine rep ownership. In Clearbit X, you can build a segment based on geography.
Here’s a common one:
People who are from San Francisco at a company with more than 100 people.
Again, we’d want to combine this with some intent, such as viewing the website twice within a week.
People who are from San Francisco at a company with more than 100 people who have viewed the website 2 times within a week.
Here is the example of that in Clearbit’s UI:
The destination trigger would be to notify in Slack or something time sensitive so you can reach out immediately.

What’s next?