Setup Guide

Push Enriched Data from Clearbit to 100+ Apps Using

By the Team allows you to connect your favorite web apps easily and automate mundane tasks.

With our Clearbit integration, you can automatically enrich contact and company data for your inbound leads and use it to keep your CRM updated, build insightful spreadsheets and send personalized emails. The possibilities are endless.

Workflows created in are called Bots. Every Bot has a trigger app and at least one action app.

Trigger App: It is used to define when your workflow automation should start.
E.g When you get a new lead from Facebook Lead Ads.

Action App: It is used to define what should happen automatically in the workflow.
E.g. Lookup based on lead email address in Clearbit.


Popular Clearbit Integrations with

Enrich Your Facebook Leads Using Clearbit Data and Add Them as Contacts in Your Favorite CRM



 Keep Leads In Your CRM Updated Using Clearbit Enrichment


Enrich Your Form Submissions Using Clearbit Data and Send Them a Personalized Email


Enrich Your Webinar Registrants Using Clearbit Data and Add Them to Your Database


How to Connect Your Clearbit Account to

We’re going to show you how to link your Clearbit account to with the help of an example.

Use case: Enrich Your Leads from Facebook Lead Ads and Add Them To Mailchimp

What we want to achieve here is to automatically enrich every lead you get from your Facebook Lead Ads by using Clearbit and then add them as subscribers in Mailchimp.

Once this is set up you can use the enriched profile data to send personalized welcome emails to your subscribers via Mailchimp to keep them engaged.

Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Login to

Login to your account. And then click on ‘Create a Bot’ button.


Step 2: Connect your Facebook Lead Ads account


  • Next, name your bot and select your Trigger App i.e. Facebook Lead Ads.
  • Click on Authorize button and enter your login details.
  • Confirm the pages you want to manage with
  • Then click on Allow Access button and hit Save to link your Facebook account.

Step 3: Set up your Facebook Lead Ads Trigger


  • Now move to selecting your trigger event i.e. ‘New Lead’ here.
  • Then select the Facebook page and the Lead Ads form you want to connect.
  • Your trigger app setup is now complete.

Step 4: Connect your Clearbit account


  • Search and select your Action app i.e. Clearbit
  • Enter your Clearbit API token i.e. Secret API Key, you can find it here:
  • Click on Validate and you’re done! Your Clearbit account is now successfully linked with

Step 5: Set up your Clearbit action


  • Select the action to be done i.e ‘Search a Person’ here.
  • To set up your ‘Email Address’ input field, just drag and drop ‘Work Email’ Output field.
  • Your Clearbit action app is now set up.

Step 6: Connect your Mailchimp Account


  • Set up your 2nd Action app i.e. Mailchimp.
  • Click on Authorize button and enter your login details.
  • Hit Save to link your Mailchimp account.

Step 7: Map fields from Clearbit to Mailchimp


  • Now, map the output fields from Clearbit to Mailchimp that you want to enrich.
  • Click on Save to finish setting up your workflow.

Step 8: Test and Go Live


  • Turn on your bot.
  • Proceed to test your bot by creating a lead on Facebook or entering sample data.
  • That’s all. Your bot will now automatically enrich every lead you get from Facebook Lead Ads using Clearbit and then add them as subscribers in Mailchimp.

You can also integrate Clearbit with other apps and enrich your customer data from multiple sources automatically.