Clearbit for AppExchange Summer Release Notes (v 11.98)

Clearbit Summer Release

Whether it’s through leveraging new data attributes to identify exactly which prospects to reach out to or creating new workflows that enable you to prospect faster, our summer release delivers on this. Check out what we’ve built to see how growing sales teams can leverage our integration to get more out of Salesforce.



Ultimate parent

  • We will now enrich the Ultimate parent from companies owned by larger conglomerates so you can set up and ensure leads are correctly routed to the right rep. To use ultimate parent, create a new ultimate parent field for accounts, contacts, and leads then pass the "Company Ultimate Parent Domain" through using Field Mapping in the Clearbit Settings. Learn more on our blog.
  • Important note: ultimate parent is only displayed, we do not create/update any contact or lead linkages to accounts. You can decide how best to use this data.

Enrichment errors are now easier to decipher 

  • We have implemented a new error framework that clearly states which records are having issues and identifies the problems that need to be solved. This will make it easier to resolve Enrichment errors. You can find the errors with the Record Lookup component on Clearbit Workbench and on Clearbit records.

Refresh and Backfill improvements

  • Refresh and Backfill are now decoupled. Enabling refresh will no longer automatically kick off a backfill.



Prospector search updates

  • Person location search: Many of the most valuable prospects work at companies (Google, Facebook, Amazon) outside of HQ. Find prospects at the correct location to expand deals across a company's teams.
  • Subroles: Reps can now search for prospects using 94 roles and subroles, which allows for more granular targeting. Finding the right lead faster allows reps to spend more time selling and less time searching.
  • Multiple title searches: The ability to search for multiple titles at once improves the speed with which reps can create leads without having to search for a new title every time.
  • The Recent Website Visits search criteria for companies will no longer appear if you do not have a Reveal subscription.

Saved searches

  • Enter the attributes for your ICP, review the results then save the search for on-going prospecting. Saved searches will only be available for Company search in this release.

Prospector credit allocation

You can now distribute different amounts of Prospector credits across your org's users. To adjust the number of credits for a user:

  • Go to Custom Settings in Setup
  • Click Manage for the Clearbit User Settings
  • Click Edit next to the user you'd like to set credits for
  • In the field for Prospector Credits Allocated enter the number of credits the user can spend
  • Important note: by default every user with Prospector enabled does not have a limit to the credits they can use. 

Additional improvements

  • We've added 41 new tech tags
  • Upgrade to the new Clearbit Lightning Widget Page
    • An alert will now appear on the deprecated visual force widget. Your admin will need to update the Page Layout for account, contact, and lead to the new Clearbit Lightning Widget Page.
  • Clearbit Workbench
    • We've added four new Lightning components to quickly troubleshoot the most common integration issues.
      • Org overview
      • User lookup
      • Record lookup with Enrichment status
      • Testing tools and debug logs
  • You can now find your Clearbit API key by clicking the org name on the Account page in Clearbit Settings