Clearbit for AppExchange v 11.97.11 Patch Release Notes


Refactored incorrect 901 errors

Removed code that set Clearbit records to 901 if one of the 4 criteria below were met on Widget load:

  • Enrichment was turned off
  • User did not have Edit permissions to the parent object
  • The parent record was blacklisted
  • The User is in the Lightning UI (instead of Classic)


Limit Refresh Batches

Limit consecutive cbt_RefreshBatch instances to 10. This will prevent the class from re-scheduling itself recursively ad-infinitum during Backfills and during the nightly partial refresh.


Refactor user management table

Moved all User Table JS data methods to Apex instead of JSForce. This eliminates errors Admin users were seeing when trying to load the user management table.