Facebook Retargeting Audience Destination

The Facebook Retargeting Audience destination allows you to use Clearbit X company segments to build highly targeted audiences of your website visitors within facebook.

Note: This destination requires the clearbit.js snippet to be present on your website.



How it works

Standard Facebook Retargeting Audiences allow you to track visitors to your website using the Facebook Pixel and serve ads to them based on the pages that they've visited. 

Clearbit X will identify which companies anonymous traffic is coming from, match those companies to any of your company segments, and automatically create a Facebook Retargeting Audience using all of that additional context in addition to visitors' website activity.

Instead of simply placing generic ads against anyone who visits your site, you can - 

  • Use rich firmographic data from Clearbit Enrichment to focus your ad spend on only visitors from companies that match your ideal customer profile.
  • Increase conversion by customizing your ad creatives to speak more specifically to your visitors based on attributes like the technology they use or industry they are in.
  • Save ad spend by suppressing ads to existing customers or employees.
  • Double down on spend to visitors from late stage opportunities (using Salesforce data).

The net result: more efficient use of ad spend and specifically crafted messaging and creative for distinct groups of customers in your broader customer base.

Keep in mind that unlike Custom Audiences which are comprised of people in your database, Retargeting Audiences include the specific people who've hit your website even if they are anonymous. Both should be included in any effective ad strategy.

Set Up

  1. Ensure that clearbit.js is on your site.
  2. In Clearbit X, select a segment from Companies and select the Facebook Retargeting Audience Destination from the Destinations tab.


  3. If you haven't OAuthed with Facebook, you'll be prompted to do so.
  4. Select your Facebook Account, the Facebook Pixel, and add a Facebook Custom Audience Name. 


  5. Head over to the Facebook Ads Manager to start using your new audience!



Trigger - Sets the criteria for a person/company to trigger the destination


  • Page View - The Destination is triggered any time a person that matches the segment hits your website.

Facebook Account - Once you've authed to Facebook, you'll be able to select any business account that you manage.

Facebook Pixel - If you have multiple Facebook pixels associated with your Facebook account, you'll be prompted to select one.

Facebook Retargeting Audience Name- Clearbit X will create a new Facebook Audience to send matches to.