Clearbit for AppExchange Autumn Release Notes (v 11.100)

Clearbit 11.100

Clearbit 11.100 brings a handful of product and performance improvements to your integration. Some new features will require support from your CSM to enable. 





LinkedIn URL field

  • Person LinkedIn URL can now be mapped to leads and contacts. 

Tech tag whitelist

  • Our list of tracked technologies is always growing. To support the growing list, technologies can now be whitelisted and mapped.
  • To have technologies added to your whitelist contact your CSM and grant them ISV access. When Clearbit enriches a company record we will look for whitelisted tech tags and return them when detected. Here's an example of whitelisted tags passed to the parent record.
  • Whitelisting is not required. If no technologies have been whitelisted your tech tags will continue functioning as normal.

Free email provider opt-out

  • A Custom Setting has been added to bypass Enrichment for people with email domains from free email providers. The free email provider opt-out is located in Custom Settings and can only be enabled by a member of the Clearbit team with ISV access.


Prospector Widget Account Selection

  • Leads and contacts created from the Prospector widget will now be linked to the account on the current page. Previously leads and contacts created from the widget were added to the most recently created account with a matching domain. This caused issues when multiple accounts shared the same domain.

Additional improvements

  • Added NPS to the Clearbit widget and Prospector app so your team can provide feedback on Clearbit for Salesforce.
  • Clearbit Workbench
    • Added "last modified by user" to Record lookup results below
    • Automatically display Enrichment test results in the debug log table
  • The Clearbit "Name" field is now limited to 80 characters, Salesforce's max length for the "Name" field.
  • Fixed duplicate Prospector results that appear when searching for company domains with "www."