Clearbit Lightning Components Setup


Clearbit Lightning Components

Clearbit for AppExchange v12.0 includes four new Lightning Components available for Account, Lead, and Contact record pages. Below is an introduction to the new components followed by setup instructions. Jump to the bottom if you're ready to set up Clearbit Lightning Components. Clearbit's components are only available in Lightning today.

Benefits of using Clearbit Lightning Components

  1. Faster access to valuable Clearbit data on record pages
  2. More control over which Clearbit data is displayed
  3. More control over where Clearbit data is displayed
  4. Ensures they have access to all Clearbit's latest and greatest components in future releases

Introducing Clearbit Lightning Components

Clearbit Widget

Combined Enrichment, Prospector, and News components with improved information architecture and data flagging functionality.

Install Clearbit Widget as the first tab in the main tab menu on record pages.


Clearbit Enrichment

The Enrichment component includes Clearbit's powerful company and person data in the form of a flexible component that can be used as a top-level tab on record pages and as a standalone component in the sidebar.

For customers without a Prospector plan, we recommend adding the Clearbit Enrichment widget to the sidebar so it is always displayed while viewing a record.


Clearbit Prospector

A single component that can be used to Prospect directly from a record page. Add Prospector to the sidebar on record pages so that reps can quickly add leads when viewing a record.


Clearbit News

Get the latest news on the accounts you're working with Clearbit's new News component. You can now set up company news as a top-level tab or as a standalone component anywhere on record pages.





Setup Instructions

Active Trusted Sites

An administrator must activate the new Trusted Site for the Lightning components to function. New installs of v12.0 will automatically include these trusted sites.

  1. Trusted Sites are required for Lightning components to access internet services.
  2. To adhere to secure by design principles a trusted site has to be activated so that Lightning Components can speak to the Clearbit API
  3. It’s the same thing as a remote site but we have to do the same thing for Lightning Locker Service and connect to Lightning Labels


  1. Go to Setup
  2. In the quick find box search for "CSP"
  3. Click Edit next to the Clearbit Trusted Site
  4. Check the "Active" box so that Clearbit is active as a trusted site
  5. Click "Save"
  6. Repeat for "ClearbitSubdomain"





Adding Clearbit Lightning Components

Clearbit's components are flexible and can be added in a number of configurations on record pages. Below are instructions for adding the widget and individual components to your pages. The instructions include links to screenshots.

Adding Clearbit Lightning Components to Tab Menu

*Click the links for screenshot examples

  1. Go to a record page (Account, Contact, or Lead)
  2. In the Setup menu click "Edit Page"
  3. In the righthand Tab sidebar click the "Add" button
  4. Click the newly added tab above the "Add" button to open the Tab Label selector
  5. Select "Custom" in the Tab Label list
  6. Enter "Clearbit" for the custom label OR Clearbit + name of the component
  7. Click the "Clearbit" tab in the page editor which should be an empty container
  8. Search "Clearbit" in the Lightning component search bar
  9. Drag and drop your desired component(s) onto the empty container for the new tab
    1. We recommend that you add the Clearbit Widget to the Tab Menu

Setup video walkthrough


Adding Clearbit Lightning Components to the Sidebar

*Click the links for screenshot examples

  1. Go to a record page (Account, Contact, or Lead)
  2. In the Setup menu click "Edit Page"
  3. Search "Clearbit" in the Lightning component search bar
  4. Drag "Clearbit Prospector" from the component sidebar
  5. You can also add Clearbit's other components to the sidebar on record pages by following these same steps