Creating a new Pardot user

Customers who have SSO enabled on Pardot (e.g. they log in with Salesforce rather than a Pardot-specific email and password) will need to create a new Pardot user to properly authenticate into Clearbit for Pardot.

Here are the instructions for creating a new Pardot user. Note that you must have an Admin Pardot account to make these changes.


1. Log into Pardot with an Admin account

2. Go to Admin > User Management > Users




3. Click "Add User" and complete the information for the new user. Be sure to set the Role to "Administrator" and use an email you have access to for the email field. You can create a new email based on your email by adding + after the suffix (e.g. or




4. Click "Create User", check your email to activate the account, and you're done!


You will use the email, password, and API user key associated with this use to authenticate with To find your API key, follow these instructions.

If you have any issues, please contact