Clearbit for AppExchange February 2020 Release Notes (v12.1)


UPDATE: Patch v12.1.13

Clearbit v12.1.11



Enterprise-grade Scheduling

Don't want to enrich your entire database every 30 days? With version 12.1 you are able to schedule Enrichment for record types on a specific week, day, time, and frequency. This gives admins the control to schedule Enrichment for the last Friday of the month at 5 PM so that your records are refreshed to start the next month.

The time zone is based on the time zone of the machine used to schedule the Enrichment. If I am located in San Francisco when I schedule the Enrichment the job will run in Pacific Time.

If Refresh was disabled in your org Enrichment will not be scheduled.

To schedule Enrichment

  1. Go to Clearbit Settings > Enrichment
  2. Click the dropdown arrow for Account, Contact, or Lead
  3. Select "Schedule" from the dropdown
  4. Select "Custom refresh schedule"
  5. Select the week, day, time, and frequency
  6. Click Save
  7. The Enrichment date will appear next to the dropdown button



Live Enrichment Toggle

Live Enrichment has been moved to the Enrichment settings page.



Tech Categories

The Tech Category tag groups individual technologies (i.e. Tableau, Looker) into single categories (i.e. Business Intelligence) so that you can easily track technologies that your team cares about without needing to manage a list of ever-growing tech tags. The individual tech tags are still available. Tech Categories will be coming to Prospector in a subsequent release.

Click here to see the new Tech Categories.

To setup tech categories

  1. Go to Object Manager in Setup
  2. Select Account and create a new text field called "Tech Categories"
  3. Go to Clearbit Settings > Field Mapping
  4. Set up field mapping from Clearbit's Tech Category field to the parent field.
  5. Repeat 1-4 for Contact and Lead




Lightning Components

In version 12.0 we released the first four Clearbit Lightning components. As promised, we have upgraded all customers using Clearbit's Visual Force widget in Salesforce Classic to the new, more powerful Lightning Widget. Customers may continue using Classic while getting all the benefits of Clearbit's Lightning Widget.

Now that the Visual Force widget has been replaced by the Lightning Component, Enrichment will not be triggered by viewing a record. Enrichment will still be triggered on the creation or edit of a record.




Additional improvements

  • A Clearbit Lightning component installation step was added to the on-boarding wizard.
  • Three Clearbit Lightning Record pages have been added to the Lightning App Builder for easy set up of the Clearbit components.