Finding Your User API Key

Authenticating with Pardot requires entering your user API key. If you have SSO enabled on Pardot (you login via Salesforce and not a Pardot-specific username and password) you will need to first create a new Pardot user. Otherwise, follow the instructions below:

1. Log into Pardot

2. Go to Admin > User Management > Users


3. Click on the First Name of the user that you will be using to authenticate into If you have SSO set up on Pardot (e.g. you log in with Salesforce), create a new Pardot user and select that user. If you don't, you can user your current account.


4. Scroll down to find API User Key


5. Fill in your Pardot username and password and paste the API User Key in the User Key field during onboarding and you’re done! You can disconnect and re-authenticate any time on