Adobe Target

1. Add the Clearbit Reveal API to your site

Add the Clearbit Reveal snippet, making sure to change out the public key placeholder "pk_test" with your key:

<script src=''></script>

2. Select the attributes that you'd like to pass through, and edit the following snippet as desired. The keys below are how the attributes will be reference-able in Target.


#add attributes as desired, see reveal api call for full set of options

targetPageParams = function() {
return {

try {
var POLL_INTERVAL = 100,
MAX_POLL = 10,
pollCount = 0;

function poll() {
if (adobe && && && reveal && pollCount >= MAX_POLL) {{
"mbox": "target-global-mbox",
"success": function(offers) {{
"mbox": "target-global-mbox",
"offer": offers
"error": function(status, error) {
if (console && console.log) {
"timeout": 3000

} else if (pollCount < MAX_POLL) {
setTimeout(poll, POLL_INTERVAL);

} catch (e) {


3. Testing:

You can use Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger to help confirm if attributes are being picked up by the Adobe library. Selecting the Target tab, you should see attributes appear in something similar to the below: