Legacy: Troubleshoot Pushing Audiences to Your Facebook Ads Account

Last Updated: September 25, 2023

🔍 Please note: this article is for customers on Standard Bundle, Enrichment, or Clearbit Platform plans.

Clearbit Advertising can push audiences to your Facebook Ads Account. Below you'll find common errors that may prevent Clearbit from successfully pushing audiences to your Facebook Ads account.

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Check Your Facebook User Permission

You have to be an Admin in the Facebook Ad Account (and authenticate with the same email) you wish to sync Audiences into. Also, you have to have a  Business Manager Account on Facebook.

Accept the Business Manager Facebook Custom Audience Terms of Service by clicking here: https://business.facebook.com/ads/manage/customaudiences/tos.php

Ensure That You are Accepting the Terms For the Correct Account ID

You can do this by verifying that the Account listed in the highlighted sections matches your desired Account ID. If not, you can manually fill out this link:



📝 Please note: Replace the [brackets] with your Business and Account ID and it will take you to the correct page to accept the terms.


Ensure your Account has the Correct Permissions to Sync Custom Audiences

You can see that in the Facebook Business Manager. Please ensure that your user is both an Admin of the Business Account & Ad Account you are looking to authenticate.


Troubleshoot the Error:FormsHub::Ads::ExternalTermsNotAcceptedError 

Facebook raises this error when the Custom Audience Terms of Service have not been accepted by the Account Admin. Please confirm that you have 1) accepted the TOS and 2) you have accepted the TOS and linked it to the correct Account ID. Please reference the top of this Help Center FAQ to learn how to confirm.

Troubleshoot the Error: Cannot Create Custom Audience: Permissions Error: The user doesn't have the permission to create ads with this ad account (fbtrace_id: ID)

Facebook raises this error for a variety of reasons. Below are the most common - 

The user synced with Clearbit doesn't have permission to create ads.


To resolve, either connect a different user to Clearbit by visiting Clearbit Configurations or ask your Facebook admin to head your Facebook ads manager and add permissions to your Facebook user. You can learn more from Facebook's help center.

Your Facebook account is inactive.


To resolve this, head to your Facebook ads manager. Facebook will display any issues at the top of your campaign's view.

Troubleshoot Error Message: Cannot Create Custom Audience: Permissions Error: Custom Audience Terms Not Accepted (fbtrace_id: ID)

This error means that you have not accepted Facebook's terms of service. You can accept their terms in one of two places, both of which are outlined below. You only need to complete one of the options below, but if you follow option 1, make sure you are accepting the terms for the correct Facebook account.

On the Custom Audiences Terms Page: Head to the TOS page on Facebook's ad manager and click the blue accept button in the upper left. If this link is not working, please directly type in the URL using the following convention: https://adsmanager.facebook.com/adsmanager/audiences?act=[YourAccountID]&business_id=3[YourBusinessID]


📝 Please note: Make sure to double-check that the Account ID matches the account you are trying to sync with Clearbit. You can switch Facebook accounts using the dropdown on the left.


or On the Audiences List: Head to the Audiences page.


Once you've navigated to the Audiences page, you'll see a blue "Accept TOS" button on each audience. You only need to click this button once on any audience. If you accept the terms for one audience, it will accept for all audiences.