Clearbit for AppExchange June 2020 Release (v12.2)

Better ICP Tools

Here at Clearbit, we're continuing to improve our products' performance and reliability. Over the past few months, we've been listening to your ideas and needs to strategize for the changing landscape. From those conversations, we assembled the most impactful improvements for identifying and contacting people in your ICP.


  • Backend Tech and Categories
  • Identify more job titles with `sub role`
  • Direct-dial Search Filter
  • Enrich button
  • Better Prospector discovery
  • Cancel backfills
  • Many more improvements

Improve scoring and prospecting with new backend tech and categories

We added 180 new backend tech tags to the company search as well as tech categories that allow you to cast a wider net. Now you can flag companies for your sales team that use a competitor or partner technology we couldn't previously track (ie Okta, Jira, Github Enterprise, Workday, etc.). Backend tech tags are already available for Enrichment with the existing "Company Technology" field.

Check out all the new backend tech tags here. You can review full list of tech tags here.


Identify more job titles with `sub role`

We've added person employment sub role to contact and lead field mappings so that you can target people with ideal job titles for your sales team. Sub role takes all of the guess work out of job title management by giving you a set of predefined roles and sub roles to report and score against. Subrole goes a level deeper from "role" functions like "Marketing" to titles like "Brand Marketing" and "Product Marketing" so that you can fine-tune lead and contact scoring. Add our sub roles to your scoring model.


Improve prospecting with the direct-dial search filter

The ability to quickly find a contact's phone number at target accounts is one of the big advantages of Prospector. Now you are able to filter for contacts with phone numbers before running a person search so that your sales team can spend less time searching and more time selling.

Check the direct dial box on the Person search step in the Prospector app or on the Prospector Lightning component.


Get the most up-to-date data with the new Enrich Button

Trigger enrichment using the new "Enrich" button on the Lightning Enrichment component and tab of the widget. The Enrich button will update the Clearbit object via the API which will result in Clearbit's data being mapped to the current record. This ensures your sales team always uses the most up-to-date data even if you haven't run a backfill or refresh recently.

Use the Enrich button if you want to check if there is new data available or you notice that the data on the Clearbit widget is different from what is displayed on the record. 




Find more contacts without leaving a record page

When prospecting into a single company with the Prospector Lightning component you are no longer limited to the first 10 results. You can continue to page through the results until you find the ideal contacts.



Cancel accidental or test backfills

We now allow admins to cancel backfills, which is important for testing new field mappings and automated triggers. We've also added additional backfill statuses and made the existing ones clearer.



Additional Improvements

  • Added button label to Backfill and Schedule Enrichment button in Enrichment Settings
  • Enrichment functionality is now disabled by default when first installing the package from AppExchange
  • List-based backfills can now be deleted
  • Free email provider bypass setting now in Field Mappings
  • Removed the native Salesforce map used to show person and company location in the widget due to inconsistent performance
  • Numerous improvements to the user experience