Reveal Troubleshooting Guide


If you notice that Clearbit's Reveal data is not populating in Google Analytics or whichever tool you've integrated it with, follow each of the recommended troubleshooting steps below.


If you've implemented Reveal using Google Tag Manager, make sure the tag for your analytics tool loads before the Reveal tag.

Reveal's functionality requires that your analytics tool is loaded on the page before Reveal loads. To ensure this happens, make sure the JavaScript for your analytics tool is added to the page above the Reveal JavaScript. If you're using Google Tag Manager, you can also control this with the settings for these two tags. This article explains:

You will want to make sure the primary Google Analytics tag is firing before the new Reveal tag and that the Reveal tag should not be fired if the GA tag fails or is paused. From there, set the Firing Triggers to Page views upon All Pages. An example screenshot is below:



Check the JavaScript console for errors.

While on the page of your site that's set up Reveal, open Chrome's JavaScript console by pressing command + option J. Alternatively, you can navigate the menu bar by going to ViewDeveloperJavaScript Console.

Screenshot any errors there and reach out to for more assistance. Please provide your screenshot and any other context you have about the issue you're experiencing.