Legacy: Troubleshoot Enrichment for Marketo

Last Updated: September 30, 2022, 2022

ūüĒć Please note: this article is for customers on Standard Bundle, Enrichment, or Clearbit Platform plans.

‚ĚóDisclaimer: This guide is for troubleshooting enriching Marketo leads via a webhook. If you are troubleshooting Marketo Forms enrichment, use this guide instead.

If new leads are not getting enriched upon creation with Clearbit Enrichment for Marketo, or if backfill enrichment is failing to enrich records in your target list, follow each of the recommended troubleshooting steps.

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Make Sure Clearbit is Connected to your Marketo Account

  1. Log into your Clearbit account and go to your Clearbit-Marketo dashboard.
  2. Click the Connection tab and ensure all fields are filled in. If the fields are not filled in, click the Setup tab and complete all the steps there.

Make Sure your Clearbit-Marketo Field Mappings are Configured

  1. Log into your Clearbit account and go to your Clearbit-Marketo dashboard.
  2. Click the Fields tab and ensure you have some mappings set up. Here is an example of a few field mappings:
    If there are no field mappings configured in your dashboard, add each of the fields you want Clearbit to enrich. The attribute on the left is Clearbit's data, and the field on the right is the name of the Marketo field that attribute will be written to. When you are done, click Save Field Mappings.

Make Sure your Clearbit API User in Marketo Has the Correct Permissions

  1. Go to Marketo Admin> Security > Users & Roles.
  2. Find Clearbit API User (or whichever user you are using for enrichment), and in the Role column, find the name of that user's assigned role.
  3. Go to the Role tab.
  4. Double-click the role that was assigned to Clearbit API User.
  5. Make sure the Access API box is checked.

Verify the Correct Credentials are Filled in on your Clearbit-Marketo Dashboard

  1. Go to Marketo, Admin > Integration > LaunchPoint.
  2. Click View Details next to Clearbit for Marketo (or whichever launchpoint you are using for enrichment).
  3. Make sure the client ID and client secret match what is filled into the Connection tab of your Clearbit-Marketo dashboard.

Verify the URL Listed in your Clearbit-Marketo Dashboard is Correct

  1. Go to Marketo Admin > Integration >Web Services.
  2. Find the URL under REST API > Endpoint.
  3. Make sure the URL matches the one filled into the Connection tab of your Clearbit-Marketo dashboard. It is okay if the /rest portion is not included in the Clearbit-Marketo dashboard.

Verify the Webhook is Set Up Correctly

  1. Go to Marketo Admin > Integration > Webhooks.
  2. Click Clearbit for Marketo (or whichever webhook you are using for enrichment)
  3. Under Details, make sure the URL matches this exactly:
    https://marketo.clearbit.com/marketo/v1/enrichment/person?id={{lead.Id}}&email={{lead.Email Address}}&first_name={{lead.First Name}}&last_name={{lead.Last Name}}&anonymous_ip={{lead.Anonymous IP}}
  4. Click Webhook Actions > Set Custom Header.
  5. Make sure:

    • Header is set to Authorization.
    • Value is set to Bearer <your-api-key-here>.Screen_Shot_2020-07-15_at_4.43.37_PM.png
  6. The API key filled in next to "Bearer" should exactly match the secret API key in your Clearbit dashboard here.

Make Sure API Updates are Not Blocked on the Affected Field(s)

  1. Go to Marketo Admin > Database Management > Field Management.
  2. In the list on the right, click the name of the affected field.
  3. Go to Field Actions > Block Field Updates.
  4. Make sure the checkboxes for Web Service API and Webhook Update are not checked.

Make Sure the Webhook is Getting Triggered on your Target Leads

  1. Go to Marketo Database > System Smart Lists > All People.
  2. Click the People tab.
  3. Open one of the leads that failed to get enriched.
  4. Click Activity Log.
  5. Type call webhook into the Quick Find search bar.

At least one row of the activity log should say Sent 'Clearbit for Marketo (see below). Note that the webhook and campaign names may vary depending on what names you used.


If the webhook was triggered and the lead still did not enrich, move onto the Check for errors on leads that Clearbit attempted to enrich troubleshooting step.

If you do not see any logs indicating the webhook was triggered, then you need to check the configuration of the smart campaign that should have triggered the webhook.

  1. Go to Marketo Marketing Activities.
  2. Type Clearbit for Marketo (or whichever name you chose for your smart campaign) into the Marketing Activities search bar.
  3. Click the smart campaign name.
  4. Click the Smart List tab.
    This tab contains the criteria that must be met to trigger the smart campaign and the webhook. Make sure that these criteria make sense and will actually be met for some leads. Otherwise, the campaign and webhook will never be triggered. We recommend using a single trigger, Person is Created, but many decide to customize these criteria to trigger the campaign in more limited situations. If you used custom criteria, just make sure they properly outline the situation in which you want enrichment to be triggered.
  5. After checking these criteria click the Flow tab. Make sure the Call Webhook action has been added and the Clearbit for Marketo webhook is selected.


Check for Errors on Leads that Clearbit Attempted to Enrich

  1. Log into your Clearbit account and go to your Clearbit-Marketo dashboard.
  2. Click the Dashboard tab.
  3. Check if any leads are marked as Skipped instead of Updated.
  4. If you find one, click the Skipped link:
    This will bring you to the related error:


Use the error provided to troubleshoot the underlying issue. If you are not sure how to proceed and have already completed all the above troubleshooting steps, please reach out to support@clearbit.com for assistance, providing the error code, error message, and any other context you have about the symptoms of the issue you are experiencing.