Clearbit for Marketo: Database Enrichment FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions



How do the Clearbit-Marketo field mappings work?

Your field mappings determine what data will be written to each field on a lead when the Clearbit enrichment webhook is triggered. You can view your field mappings here (you will have to log in first). Select a Clearbit attribute from the dropdown at the top to map it to one of your Marketo fields. The attribute will be added to your field mappings with the Clearbit attribute on the left and the corresponding Marketo field on the right.


How can I control the data overwritten by Clearbit?


Use the Overwrite toggle to conditionally map specific attributes.

By default, overwrite is enabled, which means that Marketo fields with pre-existing data will always be enriched and overwritten by Clearbit. When the overwrite toggle is turned off, Clearbit will only write data if the mapped Marketo field is blank or existing data was previously written to by Clearbit.


What is Backfill Enrichment?

Backfill Enrichment re-enriches all the leads in a static list of your choosing to ensure your data does not become 'stale' or out-of-date. If your Clearbit account has access to the feature, you can access it here. After the initial Backfill completes, Clearbit will automatically run it again every 30 days starting from the time the first one was ran. Since this process updates many leads, it can take a while to complete.


Can I run a Backfill Enrichment on a Marketo Smart List?

No, Backfill Enrichment can only be used with static lists.


Can Clearbit enrich any type of Marketo field?

Yes, but you should make sure you map a Clearbit attribute to a Marketo field of the same type. For example, if you are mapping Clearbit's annual revenue data, you should map it to an Integer field, whereas job title would be mapped to a String field. You can read more about Marketo's different types of fields in their documentation here.


Does Clearbit keep logs of what has been enriched in my Marketo account?

Yes, you can view the logs in your Clearbit-Marketo Dashboard. If you click the link under the Result column, you will see a breakdown of each data value that was written to that lead as well as a status code and timestamp for the enrichment.


Can I connect multiple Marketo accounts to my Clearbit account?

No, only one Marketo account can be used with each Clearbit account. If you need to change the Marketo account that is connected to your Clearbit account, you can do so here. If you're unsure about what to fill into that form, click Setup and follow the steps provided.