Manage Your Team's Prospector Usage

Prospector Credit Allocation

Sales teams differ in the need for lead sourcing. Admins can now allocate credits to specific users, giving organizations much more governance over how credits are spent. For example, your SDR team may need unlimited credits whereas Account Executives only need a handful for the entire year.

Important to know

  • By default, all users with Prospector enabled do not have a limit which is how Prospector behaved before version 12.0.
  • Credits are allocated per year for your org and users.
  • You can search by name, email, and profile, even though profile is not visible in the table
  • Credits users = how many records a user has created
  • Credits remaining = how many records a user can create before running out
  • Credit quota = the number of credits allocated by an admin
  • At the top of the table, your org's total remaining credits are displayed