Clearbit for AppExchange December 2020 Release (v12.4)


Ability to share saved Prospector searches

We now have the ability to view and use Prospector searches that have been saved by another user.  Searches are grouped in the UI per the screenshot below.


Lead Source confirmation modal on Prospector LWC

When using the Prospector Lightning Widget previously, there was not an option to select or enter a Lead Source, even if that option was available for the Prospector Tab.


Manage large database footprint for Clearbits

We added a toggle under the Account tab in Clearbit Settings  to remove Clearbit records linked to converted Leads on a nightly basis


Allow multiple Custom Addresses in field mapping

You can now map to multiple custom grouped address fields on a single object

Updated Backend Tech Tags in Prospector

Prospector Tech Tag search options have been updated for improved company discovery

Create API-only permission set for use integration users

Our current permission set provides access to visual elements like Visualforce pages and Tabs. In order to assist our customers that have dedicated API-only users (i.e. Pardot Integration User) which cannot be assigned the permission set (because they are not allowed access to visual elements), We have added a new permission set named Clearbit User Permissions - API Only that can be assigned to API Only users.

Add Alexa US Rank and Alexa Global Rank to company CSV export from Prospector

Alexa rankings are now included as data attributes on company exports in Prospector

New Clearbit attributes in Field Mapping

    • Company Geolocation (latitude/longitude)
    • Person and Company TimeZone
    • Company EIN
    • Clearbit IndexedAt

Bug fixes

  • Clearbit Widget showing "Argument cannot be null" error
  • Clearbit Widget locking browser when a malformed Clearbit Token is reset or stored
  • Adjust the Opportunity count queries on the company section of the Enrichment widget to more accurately exclude closed Opportunities
  • Visual adjustments on Widget and Social Bar