What are Prospect Audiences?

Prospect Audiences let you show Facebook and Instagram ads to net new companies and employees who aren’t yet in your database. Dramatically increase your audience size, scale your campaigns, and reach more ideal customers.

There are two types of Prospect Audiences.

1. Prospect Audiences from Clearbit’s dataset 

These audiences allow you to access Clearbit’s database of hundreds of millions of business users to reach new companies and employees on Facebook and Instagram. 

You define your target audience using 85+ firmographic, technographic, and employee attributes, and Clearbit sends the audience to Facebook directly for you to use in your campaigns.


Choose Prospect Audiences when you want big reach for your ads, like brand awareness campaigns and lead generation campaigns with top-of-funnel offers.

Examples of Prospect Audiences include:

  • Any employee at B2B SaaS companies in the UK that use Marketo
  • Sales executives at healthcare companies in Canada
  • Designers at e-commerce companies with 50+ employees

2. Prospect Audiences from a dynamic Company Audience

We’ve affectionately nicknamed these "account-based Prospect Audiences." 

Account-based Prospect Audiences let you find and reach new decision makers from a dynamic list of accounts that you already know.


Use de-anonymized pageviews, Salesforce account and opportunity records, and custom traits to dynamically target a list of accounts. Then choose the types of employees you want Clearbit to find and reach.

Want to supercharge your retargeting campaigns? Prospect into every potential decision maker from a qualified account that visited your website in the past seven days.

Want to accelerate deals and improve the likelihood of closing? Show ads to every account with an open opportunity, influencing everyone in the buying committee (even if they aren't in your CRM). 

Interested in expanding product usage? Identify accounts with a low number of users, and target the coworkers who have not signed up. (Think: a software like Slack spreading from the marketing team to the account's design and engineering teams.)

Examples of account-based Prospect Audiences include:

  • Marketing managers from B2B SaaS companies that visited your website in the past seven days 
  • Executives at e-commerce companies with an open opportunity in Salesforce
  • Customers who are using one of your products, but not others

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