How to Create a Prospect Audience

Prospect Audiences allow you to target the companies and employees you care about, using 85+ precise firmographic, technographic, and employee attributes.

Want to target marketers working at B2B SaaS companies headquartered in the United States? We’ve got you.

Let’s walk through how to create a prospect audience:

  1. Create a new audience in Clearbit Advertising
  2. Define your company criteria
  3. Define your person criteria
  4. Sync your audience to Facebook
  5. Use your audience in a Facebook campaign

1. Create a new audience

Head over to the Audiences tab in Clearbit. Hit “Create a new audience” and choose “Advertise to new prospects.


2. Define your company criteria

Ok, your blank canvas is ready. Let’s start adding criteria to define the types of companies we want to target.

Prospect from companies in Clearbit’s entire dataset” should already be selected. But it doesn’t hurt to double check.


Let’s try targeting that audience of marketers at US-based B2B SaaS companies. Let’s imagine it’s for a campaign promoting Clearbit Advertising for Facebook. To get more precise, we only want to reach companies that have a Facebook pixel installed on their website. In that case, we can specify the following criteria:    

  • Company Tags = B2B, SaaS
  • Company Country = United States
  • Technology = Facebook Advertiser (Facebook pixel)

This narrows down the companies we will target, but let’s make sure we’re only targeting marketers. No sales or engineering folks allowed.

What targeting criteria should I use?

Options are good, but too many cause headaches. You could take a Tylenol, or check out to find and choose the attributes you need.

3. Define your person criteria

Use person attributes to define the types of employees that you would like to target. Or, if you want to reach every employee, just leave the person box empty.

Common person attributes include job role (functions like sales, engineering, etc.) and seniority (managers, directors, and executives—or you can leave it blank to target everyone, including ICs). See for more options.


Going back to our example, we only want to target marketers, so we specify:

  • Employment Role = Marketing

Type in a name for your prospect audience and hit “Next”.


4. Sync your audience to Facebook

Now it’s time to send your audience to Facebook. Hit the radio button next to Facebook Custom Audience and specify which Facebook account should receive it on the other side.

You can edit the audience name, or just keep the same. Because, you know, options.

When you hit sync, Clearbit will create a Custom Audience right there in your Facebook Ads Manager account.


You can track the progress of your audience building in Clearbit, and see a preview of the companies that “made it in.”


When will my audience be ready to use?

Your audience is ready to use in a campaign seconds after you sync it. Head to the Audience Manager tab in Facebook Ads Manager account to check the status.

That said, you may need to wait a few hours before your audience reaches its full size. Facebook is busy processing tens of thousands of audience members, which can take some time.


5. Use your audience in a Facebook campaign

Your audience will be ready to use in Facebook campaigns immediately. Select the new custom audience when you create or edit an ad set in Facebook.


How often does my audience update?

Clearbit Prospect Audiences refresh every 7 days, letting in new companies and people that match your criteria, while removing audience members that no longer do.

That’s it. Easy, right? Now when you create or edit an ad set, your audience will be available to use.