Audiences Overview

You can reach your ideal customers with four types of Clearbit Advertising audiences.

Prospect Audiences

Prospect Audiences let you show Facebook and Instagram ads to net new companies and employees who aren’t yet in your database. Dramatically increase your audience size, scale your campaigns, and reach more ideal customers.

  1. What is a Prospect Audience?
  2. How to create a Prospect Audience

Account-Based Prospect Audiences

Account-Based Prospect Audiences let you reach net new employees from a dynamic list of accounts in your database. Dynamic account lists can be designed by combining sales, marketing, product, and page view data. Account-based prospect audiences gives you the quality and reach of Prospect Audiences while allowing you to orchestrate campaigns across the buying journey, without lifting a finger.

  1. What is an Account-Based Prospect Audience?
  2. How to create an account-based Prospect Audience

Site Visitor Audiences

Site Visitor Audiences let you identify, qualify, and retarget website visitors based on their firmographic and technographic attributes. (That's a fancy way of saying, you can retarget people based on the company they're from and the technology their company uses.)

  1. What are Site Visitor Audiences?
  2. How to create a Site Visitor Audience

Contact Audiences

Contact Audiences let you advertise to a specific list of people in your database. It’s a lot like uploading a CSV to Facebook or Google, but Contact Audiences automatically refresh each day and have better match rates.

  1. What are Contact Audiences?
  2. How to create a Contact Audience