Legacy: Getting Started with Clearbit Advertising Audiences

Last Updated: September 27, 2023

🔍 Please note: this article is for customers on Standard Bundle, Enrichment, or Clearbit Platform plans.

Clearbit Advertising audiences allow you to be more specific about who sees your Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn ads. You can reach your ideal customers with our three types of Clearbit Advertising audiences: Prospect Audiences, Site Visitor Audiences, and Contact Audiences.

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What are Prospect Audiences?

Prospect Audiences let you show Facebook ads to net new companies and employees who aren’t yet in your database. Dramatically increase your audience size, scale your campaigns, and reach more ideal customers. There are two types of Prospect Audiences:

Prospect from Companies in Clearbit’s Entire Dataset

Choose Prospect Audiences when you want big reach for your ads, like brand awareness campaigns and lead generation campaigns with top-of-funnel offers. This audience type is compatible with Facebook Ads Audiences.

Examples of Prospect Audiences include:

  • Any employee at B2B SaaS companies in the UK that use Marketo
  • Sales executives at healthcare companies in Canada
  • Designers at e-commerce companies with 50+ employees

Prospect from an Existing Company Audience

Using Clearbit’s employee attributes to specify the type of employee you’re going after, such as a specific team or seniority level, you can create a dynamic audience of prospects that updates every time a company enters or exists one of your existing company audiences. This audience type is compatible with Facebook Ads Audiences.

Examples include:

  • Marketing managers from B2B SaaS companies that visited your website in the past seven days 
  • Executives at e-commerce companies with an open opportunity in Salesforce
  • Customers who are using one of your products, but not others

What are Site Visitor Audiences?


Site Visitor Audiences let you identify qualified accounts visiting your website and retarget them (or exclude them) based on their firmographic and technographic attributes. They are compatible with Facebook and Google Ads Audiences.

(That's a fancy way of saying that you can retarget people based on the company they're from and the technology that their company uses.)

Examples of Site Visitor Audiences include:

  • Eliminate wasted spending by excluding visitors that come from bad-fit accounts.
  • Improve conversion rates by personalizing your ads and landing pages based on the type of company your visitors work for.

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What are Contact Audiences?

Contact Audiences let you advertise to a specific list of people in your database. It’s a lot like uploading a CSV to Facebook or Google, but Contact Audiences automatically refresh each day and have better match rates.

  • Contact Audiences are dynamic and updated daily. No need to upload a new CSV to refresh your list.
  • Match rates are better because Clearbit enriches all records with identifiers that Facebook can use to find and reach more of your contacts.

Contact Audiences help you target, or exclude, exactly who you want to. Use Contact Audiences to create personalized ad experiences, nurture people based on their intent, or target your users to drive product adoption and usage—to name just a few things you can do.

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