Legacy: Set Up a Prospect Audience for Facebook Ads

Last Updated: November 8, 2023

🔍 Please note: this article is for customers on Standard Bundle, Enrichment, or Clearbit Platform plans.

Prospect Audiences let you show Facebook ads to net new companies and employees who aren’t yet in your database. Prospect Audiences help dramatically increase your audience size, scale your campaigns, and reach more ideal customers.

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Create a Prospect Audience from Clearbit's entire dataset

  1. Navigate to the Advertising tab and select create a New Audience.
  2. Choose to Advertise to New Prospects.
  3. Choose the Advertise to New Prospect option.  
    Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 4.09.13 PM.png
  4. Select the Clearbit Attribute you would like to use - audience attributes are organized by source. To learn more about attributes click here. 
  5. Set your Person Search Criteria - define any role, seniority, or locations you would like to target.
    📝  Please note: It may take up to 24 hours for the Facebook audience to build to its full size, although it is already ready and available to use in a campaign. So you can start launching it or prepare it for review. Once Facebook has been able to process all of this data, this estimate will update to reflect the actual audience size available.
  6. Name your New Audience and click the Next button.

    💡 Clearbit tip: Prospect Audiences generally perform best with larger audiences, but if you need to get more specific, try adding a Title Keyword to your search.

  7. Choose the Facebook account that you want to sync this audience to and name your new Facebook Custom Audience. 
  8. Click create and sync audience, and we're done. 

Create a Prospect Audience from an existing company segment

  1. Navigate to the Advertising tab and select create a New Audience.
  2. Choose to Advertise to New Prospects.
  3. Choose the Prospect from an existing company audience radio button. Screen_Shot_2022-04-06_at_10.55.40_AM.png
  4. Click Create a Company Audience button.
  5. Name your audience and choose the Collection folder and save it so you can use it again for other audiences.
    💡 Clearbit  Tip: Company Audiences are the building blocks of Clearbit audiences and marketing workflows. When you create a new account-based Prospect Audience, we save the Company Audience you created so that you can use it in other workflows.
  6. Specify the criteria for the companies you would like to target. In our example, we’re going for B2B SaaS companies headquartered in the United States that use HubSpot and have visited our website in the last month.3.gif
  7. Click through the Collections folder and select the Prospect Audience name you want to choose.
  8. Choose a  person's attributes from the drop-down to define which types of employees you would like to target.
    📝 Please note: Common person attributes include job roles (functions like sales, engineering, etc.) and seniority (managers, directors, and executives—or you can leave it blank to target just ICs). Or, if you want to reach every employee, just leave the person box empty.
  9. Type in a name for your Prospect Audience and hit the Next button.5.gif
    💡 Clearbit  Tip:  Forgot which audience you created?  Click the show preview button and remind yourself.

Sync Your Prospect Audience to Facebook

  1. Select the radio button next to Facebook Custom Audience and specify which Facebook account should receive it on the other side.
  2. Edit the audience name, or keep the same one and click Create and Sync Audiences button.
    📝 Please note: Your audience is ready to use in a campaign within seconds after you sync it. Head to the “Audiences” tab in Facebook Ads Manager to check the status. That said, you may need to wait a few hours before your audience reaches its full size. 

    Account-based Prospect Audiences refresh in Clearbit every 24 hours to reflect daily changes to your audience, adding new audience members and removing old ones from your Facebook Custom Audience.
  3. Your audience will be ready to use in Facebook campaigns immediately. And because it’s dynamic, it will update with new companies and people every day. Add your prospect Audience to a Facebook Ad Campaign.

Add Your Prospect Audience to a Facebook Ad Campaign

  1. Navigate to your Ads Manager.
  2. Select your newly created  Prospect Audience from the Custom Audience search box.

  3. Decide if you want to exclude or include the new Prospect Audience in your campaign. 
  4. Set your filter, and make sure you turn detailed targeting off, which ensures that Facebook isn't adding any random people that don't fit your ICP ( Ideal Customer Profile) criteria.

    💡 Clearbit tip: If you want to be able to reuse your new prospect audience frequently in campaigns, we often recommend that you use this save audiences feature, where I can save the, the combination of inclusion and exclusion audiences and give it a descriptive name and select safe.

  5. Go through the campaign ad set and ad creation review and launch process. And this audience will be usable in your campaign.

Clone, Edit or Delete a Prospect Audience 

  1. Click into the audience you want to delete, edit or clone. 
    • To edit: Click into the audience, and click edit criteria link, and edit the fields. Save your changes.
    • To delete: Click into the audience you want to delete, and click the delete button on the top right.
    • To clone: Click into the audience you want to clone, and choose the clone button on the top right.

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 3.21.53 PM.png