Set Up Clearbit Forms for HubSpot

Last Updated: November 9, 2022

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Clearbit Forms is a powerful tool to dramatically increase the conversion of your HubSpot Forms by automatically filling in forms fields and dynamically hiding those fields for shorter forms and higher conversion rates.

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Set Up Clearbit Forms for HubSpot

  1. Install the Clearbit Tag. You’ll see a checkmark beside the Clearbit Tag box in the Configuration tab.
  2. In Clearbit, click the Forms tab, then the Configure button on any of the integrations.
  3. To define your Allowed Sites, click the Add domain button, type in your site, and click Save.
    Allowed Sites defines which pages of your website will activate Autofill or Form Shortening, and which pages to ignore, directly in the configuration interface. Allowed Sites are required. If Allowed Sites are not defined, Clearbit will not activate Forms on your website.

    💡 Clearbit Tip: To autofill or shorten forms at a specific address. Enter the specific URL (e.g. or To allow autofill & shortening for all forms on a specific domain enter a wildcard (e.g.* or **). If you'd like to learn more about Allowed Sites click here. 

  4. Under the Form Settings section, choose whether you'd like to enable:
    • Form field Autofill - All fields will be visible when enriched
    • Form Shortening - Fields will be hidden by default, and only show if Clearbit cannot enrich the field
    • Identify on Submit - Identify calls allow you to match individual People (ie, email addresses) to website activity. We will automatically match email addresses submitted through Forms to identify calls. This is only available for Hubspot forms.

📝 Please note:  In order for the Identify on Submit feature to work, click the Connections tab (aka the lightening bolt icon on the left side of the screen), and confirm that Tracking is enabled, just as it is in the screenshot below: Screen_Shot_2022-05-20_at_4.25.33_PM.png

If Form Shortening is off, then all form fields will remain visible at all times. Once toggled on, form fields (other than the Email field) will remain hidden, only appearing if Clearbit does not have data available.

Set Up Field Mapping

Form field mapping will allow you to map Clearbit person and company attributes to HubSpot form fields. For example, you could map Company Industry in the Clearbit attribute to the Hubspot Industry field.

  1. Navigate to your Form Field Mapping tab from the Configuration page. 
  2. Click Add Mapping to create a new field mapping.
  3. Select the Clearbit Attribute you would like to sync. Then choose the corresponding form field you want to enrich with that data.
    Screen_Recording_2021-12-09_at_2.33.11_PM.gif4. Click the Save Settings button to update and save your field mapping settings.

⏭ Next step: Implement Identify calls with HubSpot Forms

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