What are Salesforce Enrichment Logs?

Last Updated: May 16, 2022

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Search, assess, and fix data sync and data-driven process problems with detailed enrichment logs that show statuses, errors, and field-level changes. With enrichment logs, you can easily find and review enrichment and sync errors, and data changes... record by record, field by field.


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How To Search for Salesforce Enrichment Logs

  1. Navigate to the Data Sync tab.
  2. In the Enrichment Logs tab click into the search field and easily search by Salesforce ID, Email Address, and Domain.

📝 Please note:  Logs are searchable up to 2 weeks in the past!


How is the Salesforce Enrichment Log Structured

  1. You can access and inspect the Salesforce record directly.
  2. The enrich log details the enrichment of the platform record.
  3. The sync log details the exchange between Clearbit and Salesforce.
  4. The sync timestamp indicates when the Salesforce fields changed.
  5.  Each sync log includes detailed field change logs.