Legacy: HubSpot Database Enrichment FAQ

🔍 Please note: This article is for customers on Standard Bundle, Enrichment, or Clearbit Platform plans. 

Last Updated: September 18, 2023

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How is this Different than what HubSpot Offers Natively?

With over 100+ firmographic and contact level attributes continually refreshed to remain accurate, the breadth and depth of our data will surpass what HubSpot can offer natively.

How do the Clearbit-HubSpot Field Mappings Work?

Your field mappings determine what data will be written to each field on a contact when any Clearbit enrichment process is triggered. You can view your field mappings here (you will have to log in first). On the left, you'll select a HubSpot field, and on the right, you'll select the Clearbit data attribute you want to be written to that field.

If you turn on hard overwrite for a mapping, Clearbit will always overwrite the field when we have data for it. If you keep hard overwrite off, Clearbit will only overwrite the field if the field is blank or if Clearbit was the last one to write to it.

What is Live Enrichment?

Live Enrichment gets triggered each time a contact is created in HubSpot, ensuring all your net-new contacts get enriched with Clearbit's most up-to-date data. 

What's the Difference between Backfill Enrichment and Refresh Enrichment?

Backfill and Refresh Enrichment both do the same thing - they re-enrich all existing contacts in your HubSpot database to ensure your data does not become 'stale' or out-of-date. The difference is that a Backfill Enrichment must be initiated manually each time by clicking Start Backfill here, while a Refresh Enrichment will automatically run every 30 days starting from the time it was toggled on. Since these processes update the data on all of your contacts, they can take a while to complete.

Can I Upload a CSV of Emails to Create Enriched Contacts in HubSpot?

Yes. Go to Contacts and click Import. Your CSV will need at least one column with the title "Email Address" that contains all the emails you want to enrich. If you want to include other columns in your CSV import, you will have to follow HubSpot's guide on how to format them.

Can I Enrich Company Records with Clearbit's HubSpot Integration?

Yes, our HubSpot integration on the Clearbit Platform can enrich Contact and Company records. If you do not see this option, you are still on our Legacy Integration and will need to migrate to the Clearbit Platform. Please reach out to to get started.