Legacy: Clearbit Forms for Marketo FAQ

Last Updated: September 30, 2022

🔍 Please note: This article is for customers on Standard Bundle, Enrichment, or Clearbit Platform plans.

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Is there a Limit to the Number of Forms I Can Use Clearbit On?

Nope! Add our Clearbit magic to as many Marketo forms you would like!

Is there a Limit to the Number of Forms I Can Use Clearbit on within a Single Page?

Best practice would be to avoid using Clearbit on multiple forms on the same page, but if implemented correctly, this should still work.

Do Clearbit Forms Work with any Landing Page Software?

Clearbit forms will work with any landing page/website builder where you are using Marketo forms.

Can I Add the Same Clearbit-Marketo Form to the Same Page Multiple Times?

No, each form has a unique ID. If you add a form to the same page multiple times, that ID is present more than once, which can cause problems for Clearbit’s JavaScript.

Do I Have to Add Clearbit’s Marketo Forms JavaScript to Every Page Where I Want to Enrich a Form?

Yes, if Clearbit's JavaScript is not on the page, then we will not be able to enrich the form.

What are Allowed Sites and Why are They Needed for my Marketo Forms?

When you add Clearbit's Marketo forms JavaScript to your site, it includes your publishable API key. Anyone that visits your site can use a web browser's developer tools to find that JavaScript and the API key it contains. Your Allowed Referrers is a list of domains that are allowed to use your Clearbit account's publishable API key. This allows us to protect your publishable API key and prevent others from finding it and using it on unauthorized domains. To view your Allowed Referrers:

  1. Log into your Clearbit account and go to Integration > Manage Marketo, in the Form Shortening section.
  2. Under Allowed Sites you should have one or more domains listed in the Allowed Sites box.

If you do not have Allowed Sites set, add any domains where you will have a Clearbit-Marketo form deployed (only one domain per line). Here are some examples:

  • clearbit.com - This will whitelist the clearbit.com homepage and any page on the clearbit.com domain. For example, adding this also whitelists clearbit.com/advertising.
  • dashboard.clearbit.com - This will whitelist only pages that exist on the dashboard subdomain of Clearbit's website.
  • *.clearbit.com - This will whitelist any page on any subdomain of Clearbit's website.

How do I Set the Visibility Rules for Dynamic Form Shortening?

Our forms troubleshooting article walks through the steps for this and provides an example. You can see that in this article under "Make sure the form's visibility rules are configured correctly".

How do the Clearbit-Marketo Field Mappings Work?

Your field mappings determine what data will be written to each field on a lead when the Clearbit enrichment webhook is triggered. You can view your field mappings here (you will have to log in first). Select a Clearbit attribute from the dropdown at the top to map it to one of your Marketo fields. The attribute will be added to your field mappings with the Clearbit attribute on the left and the corresponding Marketo field on the right.

Can Clearbit Enrich any Type of Marketo Field?

Yes, but you should make sure you map a Clearbit attribute to a Marketo field of the same type. For example, if you are mapping Clearbit's annual revenue data, you should map it to a Currency field (it allows for larger values than an Integer field), whereas job title would be mapped to a String field. You can read more about Marketo's different types of fields in their documentation here.

Can Clearbit Enrich Hidden Fields in Marketo Forms?

Yes, while visibility rules can be applied to a field to make it dynamically hide and show, you can also set any field to always be hidden. Clearbit will still be able to enrich these fields, and when the form is submitted, the value filled into the hidden form field will still get added to the corresponding field on the lead that gets created.

Can I Connect Multiple Marketo Accounts to my Clearbit Account?

No, only one Marketo account can be used with each Clearbit account. If you need to change the Marketo account that is connected to your Clearbit account, please reach out to your CSM or contact support@clearbit.com.