Legacy: Troubleshoot Pardot Forms Integration

Last Updated: January 12, 2024

🔍 Please note: This article is for customers on Standard Bundle, Enrichment, or Clearbit Platform plans.

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My Field Mappings aren't Loading for Either Pardot Forms or Pardot Enrichment


If your field mappings aren't loading on the UI, it can be because of the following reasons. 

1.  Clearbit's API is only compatible with v4 of Pardot's API. Upgrade your Pardot API from v3 to v4, if you are on v3.

This is because version 4 of Pardot APIs is for accounts that allow multiple prospects with the same email address (AMPSEA) feature enabled. So by enabling this feature, you are automatically upgraded to v4.

2. The user profile connecting to Clearbit has to be assigned the system administrator role. If your user settings are synced between Pardot and Salesforce, they have to be a system administrator in both Pardot and Salesforce 



Fix the "Can't assign permission set Clearbit User Permissions to user <SFDC User Name>. The user license doesn't allow Visualforce Page Access." Error


"Can't assign permission set Clearbit User Permissions to user <SFDC User Name>. The user license doesn't allow Visualforce Page Access."

What is a B2BMA user?

Salesforce's Pardot Integration creates a user called "B2BMA Integration" with a user License type of "B2BMA Integration User" and a profile of "B2BMA Integration User", which is API only. This license type isn't in Saleforce's documentation, so Clearbit is not querying for users of this license type in Clearbit Settings. Additionally, this Profile cannot be assigned the Clearbit Permission Set because it is API only; the Permission Set has permissions for Visualforce pages, and API only users can't be given permissions for Visualforce pages.

The B2BMA Integration user in Salesforce can't enrich records, can't be found in the Clearbit Settings user list, and can't be assigned the permission set manually

How to Give the B2BMA Integration User Enrichment Permission

Assign an API-only version of the permission set and a Clearbit User Settings Custom Setting to the B2BMA Integration user. (You'll need support access for this).

Assign the Permission Set

  1. Go to Setup > Manage Users > Permission Sets.
  2. Click the Permission Set Clearbit User Permissions - API Only.
  3. Click Manage Assignments.


  1. Click Add Assignments.
  2. Find and select the B2BMA Integration user, and click Assign.


Assign the Custom Setting

  1. In Setup, navigate to Develop > Custom Settings.
  2. Click Manage next to Clearbit User Settings.


  1. Click New.
  2. In Location, select User, and find/select the B2BMA Integration ****user. Check the box for User can Enrich records, and uncheck the box for User can view Prospector.
  3. Click Save. Once Clearbit User Permissions for API Users is assigned and the Clearbit User Settings are assigned, the integration user should be able properly enrich the records it creates!