Legacy: Set Up Clearbit's Legacy HubSpot Integration

Last Updated: April 18, 2024

🔍 Please note: this article is for customers on Standard Bundle, Enrichment, or Clearbit Platform plans.

❗Disclaimer: If you are setting up our HubSpot integration on the Clearbit platform, please follow the instructions here instead Set Up Clearbit with HubSpot.

If you're ready to integrate Clearbit for HubSpot, you can follow our setup wizard at https://hubspot.clearbit.com/.


  • Live enrichment - automatically enrich every new contact
  • Backfill enrichment - enrich your entire database in one step
  • Refresh enrichment - automatically enrich contacts every 30 days
  • Enrichment settings - map Clearbit data to HubSpot properties and control when contacts are enriched

How To Set Up Clearbit Enrichment for HubSpot

1. Click the Integrations tab, click the three dots next to HubSpot, and select Legacy HubSpot App

2. Click the Get Started button.

3. Sign in to HubSpot and authorize Clearbit.

In order to write Clearbit data to HubSpot fields, we'll need access to your HubSpot. OAuthing into HubSpot should take just a few seconds.

4. Set up field mappings & enrichment settings.

Most importantly, we'll need to know which HubSpot properties you'd like specific Clearbit data attributes to write to. We offer a number of popular default field mappings (e.g. Contact: City - Person: City) but you may choose to edit these before submitting. HubSpot Forms and Enrichment now supports all field types, and we validate field types upfront so that users do not accidentally save mappings that are incompatible. Our integration supports all field types, but we validate field types upfront so that users do not accidentally save mappings that are incompatible For example, if the HS field is a number, the Clearbit field type must also be a number.

📝 Please note: By default, Clearbit will only overwrite fields that are blank or that Clearbit was the last to write to. This ensures and data you or your customers add won't be overwritten. You may change this setting in the field overwrite column by flipping the toggle to ON - now Clearbit will ALWAYS overwrite that particular field. Keep in mind you can change these settings on the enrichment page later.

If you do not want new contacts to be enriched (live enrichment) or previously enriched contacts to be updated every 30 days (refresh enrichment), you may toggle these settings off here. 

5. Initiate a backfill.

The last step is to initiate a backfill, enriching all contacts in your HubSpot database according to the field mappings you just set. You may skip this step and initiate a backfill from the enrichment page at another time. You may also cancel a backfill from the same page.

6. At this point, you'll be bought to the dashboard which shows an activity stream of enrichments. If you've initiated a backfill, you should see it appear there. 

You can return to this page if you need to change any enrichment settings, initiate a backfill, or monitor enrichments.