Clearbit Forms for HubSpot FAQ

Last Updated: March 8, 2024

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Is there a Limit to the Number of Forms I Can Use Clearbit on?

Nope! Add our Clearbit magic to as many HubSpot forms you would like!

Is there a Limit to the Number of Forms I Can Use Clearbit on within a Single Page?

Best practice would be to avoid using Clearbit on multiple forms on the same page, but if implemented correctly, this should still work.

Do Clearbit Forms Work with any Landing Page Software?

Clearbit forms will work with any landing page/website builder where you are using HubSpot forms.

Can I Implement a Clearbit-HubSpot Form on a HubSpot CMS page or HubSpot Landing Page?

Yes, the same form enrichment script will work there.

Can I Enrich HubSpot Dropdown Select Fields?

Yes, but the picklist internal values in Hubspot must be a direct match with the attribute values Clearbit returns. See all of Clearbit's values here.

How Does Clearbit Process Data When I Use HubSpot Forms?

When you integrate HubSpot Forms with Clearbit, specific information attributes are shared with Clearbit through the account connection and the JavaScript snippet added to your website. This includes:

  • The form's field schema
  • The email address input into the form

Clearbit uses the field schema to allow you to map the data attributes you'd like written over to your form fields and correctly align those values once we return the information associated with the email address.

The email address is the only information Clearbit uses to retrieve associated data stored in our database. Note that while we rely on the email address to fetch and write data about a person, the entire process happens before the form is submitted. After submission, HubSpot is responsible for updating records within your CRM.