Set Up Clearbit for Salesforce

Last Updated: May 16, 2022

❗Disclaimer: Salesforce Enrichment is available on the Operations package. If you are interested in these capabilities, please contact your CSM.

Syncing Salesforce with Clearbit allows you to integrate your CRM data into your Clearbit workflows and build advanced segments that reference your sales data. Clearbit for Salesforce can be set it up in a few clicks and when you’ve done that it brings all the Intel you need right into Salesforce. Follow these steps to start using Clearbit in Salesforce.

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How to Connect Salesforce with Clearbit 

❗️Disclaimer: Use this step-by-step guide below if you signed up after Feb 15, 2022. If you are using the legacy Clearbit Enrichment follow this. 

  1. Head to your Salesforce Account and choose or create a Salesforce integration user.
    📝 Please note: Because the Salesforce data is accessed at the user level, it is important that the user you choose has the appropriate permission levels. Integration Users ensure that if an actual user leaves your organization, you'll always have a user with the correct permissions available.
    If you want to sync certain fields over to Clearbit, choose to create an Integrations User within SFDC with limited permissions since the connector will only get access to those fields to which that user account has access. This allows you to mitigate any field-level security concerns. We would suggest using permission sets and profiles within SFDC. 
  2. Define your object and field-level permissions in Salesforce.

    You can go about this two ways:
    Sync all Objects, Records, and Fields 

    If you would like to sync all of your Salesforce data to Clearbit, make sure your Integration User has read permissions for all of the following objects (and fields on those objects):
    • Leads
    • Contacts
    • Accounts
    • Opportunities
    • Users
    Sync Selective Data
    Clearbit will only sync objects, records, and fields that the authenticated user has permission to read. To restrict specific data from being synced and displayed in Clearbit, define your Salesforce profiles and permission sets to restrict the authenticated user's read access to those objects, records, and/or fields. Here is how you restrict permissions to certain records. 
  3. Head to your Connections tab and click the Connect button next to the Salesforce connector. Image_3-7-2022_at_8.15_PM.jpg
    📝 Please note: Before connecting your Salesforce account decide which user from your Salesforce org will be the one connecting to Clearbit. Clearbit will sync all of your Salesforce users, accounts, opportunities, contacts, and leads, so it's important to sign in as someone who at least has permission to read those objects. We recommend using an integration user with these permissions or a system admin.
  4. Choose the Salesforce environment you would like to connect to. Production - your live production environment. Sandbox - typically a partial or full replica of your production account, used to test new configurations and settings before deploying to your live environment. 
  5. Sign in to your Salesforce account to authenticate with Clearbit. Ensure that the user has the box labeled API Enabled checked (you can find it within Administrative Permissions). Otherwise, the sync with Clearbit will fail. 
    📝 Please Note: Your Salesforce data is synced every 4 hours, so Clearbit may be a few hours behind at any given time.

Install Legacy Clearbit Enrichment for Salesforce 

  1. Head to the Salesforce AppExchange: Clearbit Listing
  2. Choose to Get It Now.
  3. Log in to the AppExchange.
  4. As a System Administrator user, click Install in Production.
  5. Choose Install for All Users.
  6. Once the package is installed, navigate to the Clearbit Settings tab in Salesforce.
  7. Click the Account tab. From there, you will be able to authenticate with Clearbit by logging into your Clearbit account that has a Clearbit for Salesforce subscription.

    For Trial or Professional Edition:

    Navigate to Setup > Security Controls > Remote Site Settings. Make sure that the remote sites for Clearbit are all Active.

    Here's how it will look once the account is successfully linked:

⏭ Next step:

If you signed up after February 15, 2022, go to Set Up Clearbit Enrichment Field Mapping for Salesforce.

If you signed up before February 15th, 2022, go to Configure Enrichment Field Mappings.

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